Destiny Is Approaching

My questions of the hour is how do you prepare for destiny? Is the preparation for destiny different from your daily preparations? Everyday we arise and go through routines that ready us to face our day.  Some pray and fortify their minds with scripture before departing their homes.  Most people go thru some type of hygiene ritual, taking careful time to adorn their bodies, forgetting that we need to ready the spirit man as well.  So often times we find ourselves returning to our homes battered by the attacks of the day.  We neglect tending to the the kinks in our armor because they are not vicious blows to the face or complete knock outs!  No, they are subtle. Little words that hint at the possibility of failure.  Looks that question your choice of wardrobe.  Casual dismissals of your thoughts and ideas. All these simple, harmless, thoughtless, gestures, the near misses to the killing of one’s spirit.  By adulthood we have learned to stick and move.  Yet we neglect the fact that our opponent is crafty. The blows start while we are very young and they just keep hammering at the same places.  We forget that the armor is strong and can take a blow.  We are eternally focused on covering the dents trying to ensure no one can see we have been previously wounded.  All the while side stepping our destiny.  Never realizing with each blow we earned a step toward destiny.  Every time you’ve been knocked down it prepared you for the next war.  Every negative thought you have overcome, entered you into a place of triumph and earned you a badge that, states, “Worthy of Destiny.” Yet we only see the kinks and deemed ourselves as unworthy.  Just this week someone walked up to me and said, “Do not worry about failures your failures are only stepping stones of success.” I could not understand why I received these words at this particular time in my life. I dismissed them casually as I felt that my failures had already occurred. Unsure if this was an attempt to put a kink in my armor or yet another step toward destiny. However, when attempting to dwell on the intentions of this thought, these words sprang alive in me, “There is no failure in God.” Wow! A near miss of a fatal blow but faith kept me on my path of Destiny!  So how do you prepare for destiny? I feel like Daryl Coley, “He is preparing me!”  My truth, with every breath, every step, and every obstacle we face there is preparation for Destiny. However, with every breath, every step, and every obstacle we face, there is choice. Yes, God has predestined a purpose for you, but it is up to you to choose the path of your destiny.  So as I arise this morning, and command my day somewhere between, the bath, the adorning of lotions and perfumes, and selecting the right shoes, I will ask, GOD TEACH ME TO WAR, as my destiny is approaching. Yet my opponent has stayed awake all night seeking how he might devour my destiny.

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