Get Your Ugly On

I beseech you brethren, (ye know the house of Stephanas, that it is the first fruits of Achaia, and that they have ADDICTED themselves to the ministry of the saints. 1Chronicles 16:15

Last Sunday, I decided to take a run in the park. When arriving at the park I spotted an old friend. He was dripping wet, from head to toe, with no shirt, shining from sweat, headphones on, smiling brightly. Just Ugly!  He told me he had ran from his house to the park and his plan was to continue running, hitting every park on that side of town, before  returning  home. He invited me to join his run, relaying that he needed a running partner.  He proudly stated with the strength of God, he ran 13 miles every Sunday.  I quickly declined his invitation . . . I was not ready to run down the street looking crazy!  I struggled to run 3 miles, 13 would kill me!  I could imagine the pained look I would have on my face while running down the city streets with all the cars passing by. No! I was not ready. After I ran my 3 miles and was walking to cool down, A woman  pass me by.  The woman appeared very tired, her face was twisted in exasperation in her attempt to breathe. As she shuffled pass, it appeared hard for her to even lift her feet from the ground. I yelled out to her, “but you’re here!” She didn’t appear to respond to my attempt to encourage her, she just shuffled on, as ugly as you might imagine, attempting to exercise her body.

As I thought about the pained look upon her face the aforementioned scripture came to my mind. I remembered how I first felt when I read the word addicted in the bible! Imagining that one could be addicted to the ministry of serving the saints of God.  The term is usually associated with drug abuse.  Images of a drug addict flashed through my imagination. I envisioned neglecting my hygiene, appearance, and food to obtain the chance to serve the people of God. Can you imagine it? Emptying your pockets and neglecting your bills to serve the saints.  Crying out before God to prepare His sanctuary for the healing of the people. Selling your goods to raise money so the ministry could be heard.  Calling off work to spend time in His word in the hopes that you may serve His people. Speaking in  a language that associates you with being addicted to the things of God. Then quickly I was reminded that I did not want to get ugly to better myself. WOW! I have experienced what I thought was truly ugly. I used a steroid cream to assist with growing my hair, which in turn caused acne. I was given a cream to treat the acne which caused a chemical burn on my face, leaving me scared and feeling, ugly. Trying hard to adjust to my situation, I reminded myself that I was more than a pretty face.  Sometimes we have to truly strip ourselves of outer appearances and others thoughts to achieve success. I understood my value as a women, yet I had to fight off the feeling of low self- esteem and the imprisonment it brings.  I had to ask myself, How can I truly serve God or his people, and better myself without being ready to truly Get My UGLY On?

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