The Slip

He that is ready to slip with his feet is as a lamp despised in the thought of him that is at ease.  Job 12:5

I cannot fathom how long I have been reading, hearing, and learning about the Israelites in the wilderness. But I can recall thinking, “Dang! Why did it take them so long? They had to wonder for forty years? Why in the heck couldn’t they just get it right? Didn’t they understand there was a promise land to inherit? How many times did God have to prove He was their God?” Now to the mature in Christ and the everyday, all day, Holy, my thoughts might seem infantile. I almost agreed, until I began to live a little and then understood how easy it is to fall down, or slip. There were  times I placed my feet in position and assisted in the push to slip! I am probably the only one who has ever accomplished this task, so I will only discuss my behaviors.

There was a day, when I purposely decided, today I am going to slip.  I did not want to be obvious, so I wore my favorite fuchsia blouse with the back cut out and the front cut, low. 

Of course the blouse was accompanied by my black wide leg pants, so that I didn’t appear too obvious! I wore my silver hoops that I believe accentuate my afro and face.  Deliberately my lipstick matched my blouse. As if the fuchsia lipstick on my face was not enough, I complimented it with my MAC lip glass, to ensure that the shine was seen across the room. I brushed my cheeks lightly with bronzing powder, to assist in the illusion of receiving  butterfly kisses from the sun.  The scent, I purposely wore every time I saw him to assist in connecting all of his five senses with me, was rubbed across my neck, ears,  shoulders and wrist. As I wanted to assist the wind with my subtle attempts to entrance my partner with the thoughts of me.

On this night when his eyes began to roam, I did not request that he drive me home. When the kisses came, I did not sigh and remind him of my commitment to God. I just slipped and got caught up in a moment. This slip was much like the people with the spray bottles in Wal-Mart. They spray the water on the floor and then lay down. Trying to collect for an injury that never occurred.

I would interject that we live like this daily. Slipping when we know the word. Slipping when our heart says no. Slipping when our God is watching, and then, those who believe, repent, thank God for mercy and do it all over again.  The problem is that I read something, somewhere, in a pamphlet or bible, that all sin is sin and filthy in God’s sight. There is no difference in a simple white lie or murder. It is we that put worth on sin, like changing prices on goods and merchandise and then we judge the slip.  I get angry with myself when I live, what I call, so close to God and have witnessed Him accomplished great feats in my life and then I, slip. I can only say thank you God that my slips are not made known to all people who can point, watch, judge, sit back at ease and discuss my slip. I also am grateful of God’s power to restore. At this point I pray, God do not let me die in the wilderness, but guard my mind less I, slip and if I, fall, forgive me, for I am as foolish as the Israelites, serving other gods of food, sex, disobedience, and ignorance. While others set back at ease, living everyday, all day, Holy!

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