The Creation

I was  formed in the realm of creation, when the earth was void and without form.
Since I was created by God the very thought of me was divine.
From the dust of the ground and mist from the sea,
with the breath from His mouth, and the shape of His hand, He molded me.
I was thought of in Genesis, but did not exit the womb.
The law was implemented and then, He numbered my hairs,
my promises relayed, but those, I refuse to share.
There were struggles and battles from Prophets and Kings,
But that is all part of the pain, when birthing a Queen.
In Lamentations, I came forth, as it is written, with great pain and sorrow.
The Prophets tell the story of my tomorrow.
As I sit back and wait for my destiny to take place,
with a smile that stays put upon my face.
Through failures and success, grace and mercy, hold me down.
Continuing to shift in these tribulation and strife,
attempting to fulfill my purpose in life.
So thankful for the sun, moon, stars, and the sea of galaxies,
For above them is the firmament He spoke into existence and the place where He created me.
Of course I love the power of words, because of the beauty of the adjectives, the action of the verbs, the majesty in the nouns, I was created with His Spoken Word.
Pulling revelations from above the clouds, and caressing the moon.
People never understanding my spirit is in tune.
So I see the sadness behind the smiles, and hear the secret cries in the dark.
The saddest vision I observed is the story in a man’s heart.
Lost and without hope, dead to the God inside,
They began polluting their temples, their hearts have harden and died.
So I love those who hate, and pray for those that use,
Simply because I see, the way that my God sees you.
My spiritual vision and God led intuition,
never crying out loud, or living in the past,
my feet marked with destiny, time is moving real fast.
Yet, I cannot escape the misery in the land,
I can not understand why we refuse to follow the plan.
Hell growing larger everyday, slowly taking our love ones away.
Recognizing the problems is the only escape,
falling on our knees and turning down our plates.
The answer to the questions sent from God above,
Never forget my dear children, GOD ANSWERS LOVE!

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