I Got Knocked The Freak Out!

I went to a conference last month, and I heard several very anointed women preach powerful words from God. I felt as if the conference had been planned before my birth as a place in destiny, to reach my full potential. Prophetess Lisa Alexander stated, “We must be brilliant with the basics.” As the words parted her lips, rolled into the atmosphere, past the realm of hearing, into the place of understanding. I realized that God was making me accountable for the revelation parting through my conscious thoughts and I was responsible for producing fruit from the seeds she planted. I must be, “brilliant with the basics,” in the Kingdom of God.

How simple is this thing? Love God. Believe He is your savior. Never doubt His ability in your life. Because you love Him, spend time with Him, and grow intimate with the lover of your soul. Talk to Him. Learn about Him, being careful not to offend Him or those He loves.  Prior to this event was my first show. I spent a lot of time with Him, trying to seek His will, so that people would hear His voice, in the work created. I saw God move majestically in my life. He revealed unknown thoughts to me and I was so grateful for the revelation knowledge. He moved through me and I witnessed and experienced God in my life!

Yet, just a few weeks later, I encountered a situation that I was most fearful of and doubted God’s ability in my life. Again, I turned to old ways and as I attempted to encourage myself, I was unstable from one minute to the next. Reminding myself to believe, relax, God’s got this, and then picking up my burden and caring for it again. Fearful, doubtful, reading James, and understanding, “a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” I attempted to stand firm, after fumbling around, stumbling, and scraping my knees.

So what happen…much like Deebo, from the movie, Fridays, I got knocked the freak out! I had the nerve to be surprised and question God! I asked God, “what happen? He reminded me, “You forgot to be brilliant with the basics.” Now, here I stand again. Tending to my wounds, trying not to be to shamed, picking up the pieces. Remembering, I am not perfect, or good, by anyones account. All of those steps toward success, led to a tumble toward failure. With grace and mercy, I continue to the next round, praying to leave standing. I have to face this test again as I did not pass. My training consist of being, “brilliant with the basics.” As well as fighting until I win!

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