Following the Lead of your Emotions into Situations you think will make you Happy.

Following the Lead of your Emotions into Situations you think will make you Happy.

The flesh is so powerful, it is not easily ignored. It is like a crying baby awaking in the middle of the night. The flesh will not be quieted until it is fed. The flesh has many different appetites. What your flesh is screaming for, may be something different than what my flesh craves.

The problem is the appetite of the flesh is like a bottomless pit. Much like that screaming baby that needs to be fed every three to four hours. The flesh is insatiable. It may take a few hours, a day or even a week, before it awakes,  demanding to have its fill from  the plate of lust it requires, turning our quest for happiness, into addictions.

What does your flesh crave, attention, seduction, manipulation, sex, drugs, money, food, or alcohol? Does your flesh have a name or is it a buffet that feeds the desires of your flesh? Money, a little sex, some attention accompanied by hands of desire with a taste of alcohol, is that the recipe to silence the cry of your flesh?

When does your flesh cry? When you are hurt, lonely, afraid, feeling unsure, unconfident, ugly, used, do you awake to the out cry of your flesh. Does the hunger of your flesh rock you to sleep at night, or are so busy feeding it, that you never feel the ravenous appetite of your flesh?

I have been so uncomfortable by the cry of the flesh that I have perused the buffet, sampling if you will, to quiet the desire. I have succumb to the cries of the flesh so often that I understand the recipe to suppress my flesh.  I know what my desires taste like. However, I cannot say with any truth, that feeding my desires has lead to happiness.

Yes, the truth is that feeding the flesh has allowed true happiness to escape my grasp. I recognize that the fleshly appetite leads to temporary, or momentary happiness followed by another outcry of the ravenous appetite of the flesh. Other times what I believed to  be happiness was just another form of bondage. Knowing the recipe of my lust, to silence the flesh, is not the answer.

The answer to silent the cries appears to be as various as the appetites of the flesh. The obvious answer would be to control the emotional aspects of your life. I have observed those that live a discipline life of rules and laws that prevent their fall to temptation. I have witnessed those who change the appetite of their flesh with the word of God exercising their spirit until it is strong enough to overpower the desire of the flesh.  In both instances they appear to be content on their spiritual journey. Yet, as I live by grace and mercy, the laws of the land due not suffice in quieting my flesh. I too have to change my mindset, and build my spiritual man less I be tempted to, Follow the Lead of my Emotions into Situations I think may make me Happy.

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