Examining My House

Today I was a thinking about the President’s home.  Easily identifiable by color, location, purpose and size, The White House is known throughout the world. My thoughts soon drifted to the house on my street, where I reside. Known to me and my neighbors, easily identifiable by the peeling paint on the porch and the needed yard work. A far cry from the beauty and the landscape of The White House.

As I began to make note of the tasks needed to my own property. My thoughts became consumed with my physical appearance. Here I rested and began to question what God thinks about the place He dwells. Have I made His home well known throughout the world? Does my physical attributes easily identify me as a woman of God? Does my demeanor say trustworthy, kind, gentle, loving? I then began to think about the items I consume. The food I consume is not hardly representative of the God dwelling within me. The work I put into maintaining the upkeep is mediocre at best.

These thoughts brought forth new images of self-esteem. Knowing, if I consciously remembered the spiritual aspects of the inner me, I would treat and value my home with a higher of level of appreciation.  In my spiritual walk, I have been observing those who live by grace and those who live by discipline. As I examine myself, I have to say that the two must be combined. If we truly believe that we are the Sons of God, a measure of discipline should exist in our lives.  Being thankful for Grace when our will fails, relying on mercy to try again. Rearranging, cleaning up, and weeding out, the garbage in our house, so that we may be recognized by our mere appearance as, The Sons of God.

Chinaz Love author of,“Woman to Woman”

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