In Re the Black Man

Oh my Lawd, help me please!
I’ve been raped and they stole my seed!
It appears like the whole world is cursed and I have been sentence for the crime.
Trapped in the modern day prison, enslavement of the mind.
Who could’ve predicted this modern day slavery?
Addicted to the drugs or the money they earn, Continue reading

The Everyday Woman

The Everyday Woman

I woke up this morning and kissed the sun!
Extending my arms, I rearranged the clouds, cause I didn’t like how they were hung.
Jumping from my bed of tulips, I stretched my back and wiggle my hips, tipping the earth on its axis a bit,
Placing my feet upon the ground, taking authority over every step, as I walked around. Continue reading

Star Struck

A FAN- an enthusiastic admire of a sport or celebrity.

What makes one become a fan? Is it the love of the craft people or teams display? Perhaps it is our own inner desire to act or performed at the level of athletic ability of our favorite teams or players?  Maybe, it is a belief that we may be superimposed with the magical energy of the persons we admire by being near them? Continue reading

How much to Encourage?

Can I bring encouragement by sharing me?

Is it necessary to purge to cleanse the soul?

Can I really help you grow, by sharing what I know?

I have never touched the moon, nor swam the depths of the sea.

Just had an experience with God, when he visited me. Continue reading

Get Your House in Order

I am repeatedly being asked, “are you suffering from the empty nest syndrome?” My son will be departing for college in 22 days. My daughter is finishing her last year of college, and I am in THAT place. Yet it is not their departure from our family home that burdens my soul! No the current call I feel is the call to, “get my house in order.” Much like Hezekiah in Isaiah 38:1.   Continue reading