How much to Encourage?

Can I bring encouragement by sharing me?

Is it necessary to purge to cleanse the soul?

Can I really help you grow, by sharing what I know?

I have never touched the moon, nor swam the depths of the sea.

Just had an experience with God, when he visited me.

Must I know the bible like the great scholars?

Should I have been using in the street to discuss recovery?

Does food addiction count as an addict, in discussing ways to kick a habit?

Does my broken love song have enough heart to share loving wrong?

Can you relate to experiencing  a little pain or almost going insane,

to change the reality of those on binges and medication management,  unleashing the fury

of the diagnoses of the world.

Someone classified it as,  A Hot Mess, NOS!

The new classification of a mental disease.

How much pain do I have to experience, to identify the credentials of my intent,

to encourage your heart with just a few words on a page?

Absent degrees, but a little life experience, the world has been my stage.

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