Star Struck

A FAN- an enthusiastic admire of a sport or celebrity.

What makes one become a fan? Is it the love of the craft people or teams display? Perhaps it is our own inner desire to act or performed at the level of athletic ability of our favorite teams or players?  Maybe, it is a belief that we may be superimposed with the magical energy of the persons we admire by being near them?

I myself have been a fan of a few people. My first love was Billy Dee Williams. I fell in love with him watching him in Mahogany. I thought he was the most handsome man that I ever seen. I believed he was a romantic suitor for Diana Ross. So at eight years old, the ideas of love and magic where real to me. I drew his face, and swooned over images of him. Pretending he was my suitor! Next, Michael Jackson, I also thought he was cute and a great dancer!  His music was cool! Although I have never been a music lover. I imagined he thought of me with every song! Once I watched his concert on TV and I actually begin to see the fans faint when he waved his hands in their direction. At that point, I thought, “that is too much!” No man should have that much power.

Oddly enough I realized  we give our celebrities that power. Feeding our energy to  images we see on TV, not knowing the person at all. We rob individuals of privacy, family time, and intimate moments, as if  their time is owed, because we watch, admire and buy tickets to observe their crafts. If it was not for the purchases of the consumers, our celebs would not have their level of success. Without the fan base, they are merely us, wondering how to get to the next level!

Wow! Key point! Our energy made them rich and now we stand in line to consume the love, admiration, and athletic abilities that fed their rise. Our city was filled with stars this weekend. It was monumental event in which hometown legends came and gave back energy that was fed. People begged to get next to, be photographed with, and meet the legends of the home town. For a moment we were surrounded by great legends. They  sat down with  our children directing them how to focus their energy. However, none of our hometown hero’s contributed their success to being pictured with the stars! Their success was obtained through hard work and dedication to their craft.  For an instant in time we became star struck!  I realized that a  fanatic desire to know the stars should be earned  from more than the romantic notions and handsome looks. My devotion will be directed  to those who remember to turn around an give back! Thank you!

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