The Everyday Woman

The Everyday Woman

I woke up this morning and kissed the sun!
Extending my arms, I rearranged the clouds, cause I didn’t like how they were hung.
Jumping from my bed of tulips, I stretched my back and wiggle my hips, tipping the earth on its axis a bit,
Placing my feet upon the ground, taking authority over every step, as I walked around.
I felt the wind begin to blow a gentle breeze, it tickled my nose and I began to sneeze,
which caused an aroma of vanilla and sandalwood to surround my face.
I picked up some roses to adorn my hair. Then I squeezed the nectar of peaches upon my neck .
Trying to ensure I looked my very best, I dressed my body with shells from the sea.
Then I dance around, cause I was feeling me!
Taking caution to make sure the earth stood still, cause I know the power of my curves and hills.
I spread my lips and imparted a smile and the waves of the ocean began to rise, and the sunshine was brighter, bouncing from the reflection of my eyes.
Wanting to add a little sparkle to my face, I called the rainbow and we embraced, leaving me dressed with the colors of the spectrum for my appearance.
I began to search what this day would bring, I was ready for the challenges calling my name.
I spoke peace to the violence in the land, taking careful note of the master’s plan.
I healed a few hearts with whispers in the air, reminded the lonely that there is someone who cares.
Don’t look surprise by the powers I hold, don’t act confuse because I appear so bold.
There is no magical wand in my hand. The swing of my hips has no magical tricks.
I just embrace life and love having fun, and I understand the power that I possess in my tongue.
I am no God, or fairytale, but royalty runs in my bloodstream,
I am the Everyday Woman! A Beautiful Queen.
While on my quest to find the thing that connects all women, I heard from the voice that whispers words in my ears. All women, no matter the age, culture, spiritual affiliations, ethnicity, political beliefs, income or status, eat! Eat? Well of course we eat, we have to eat to stay alive, before I completely dismissed the thought, I heard, E.A.T!     The mother of life, EVE, had a price to pay in partaking of the forbidden fruit. It is explain in Genesis 3:16 which states, To the woman He said: “I will greatly multiply your sorrow and your conception; In pain you shall bring forth children; . . . KJV.
Most people read that scripture and capture that the woman was cursed with receiving pain in child bearing. However, the curse was twofold. God said he would multiply our sorrow AND… sorrow is referring to our emotions. We are emotional beings and problems arise when we act out of emotions. When our emotions are aggravated, frustrated, elevated, our responses can be productive or become deadly. It is the aggravated acts of terrorism from responding to our emotions, that assassinates the development of the God in us, prolonging and eliminating our destiny. The acronym E.A.T,  stands for, engaging in Emotionally Aggravated Terrorism. The voice whispered, we all engaged in Emotionally, Aggravated, Terrorist acts to destroy, kidnapped, assassinate, hold hostage, ransom, blow up, hijack, and kill the assignment of God in our lives. The articles entitled, “The Everyday Woman,” will exposed the terrorist attacks in our lives, one attack at a time.

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