In Re the Black Man

Oh my Lawd, help me please!
I’ve been raped and they stole my seed!
It appears like the whole world is cursed and I have been sentence for the crime.
Trapped in the modern day prison, enslavement of the mind.
Who could’ve predicted this modern day slavery?
Addicted to the drugs or the money they earn,
never realizing the place in hell they earn.
Pimping mothers, daddy, and daddy’s little girls,
Willie Lynch assisted in breaking the man,
never thought the black man would perfect the plan.
Who will defend me and appeal this case?
The punishment, death to the black race…
I need an extension in this life of mine,
to plead my case against this crime.
My heart cries out, my soul screams no,
My eyes are fixed on the carcass in the streets,
pretending to live in the promise land,
living the destruction of the black man.
Oh my Lawd! Help me please, I am crying out on my knees.
Lying Awake Wondering why Your Ears Resist my pleas.

Exodus 1:12

But the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and the more they spread out, so that they were in dread of the sons of Israel. (New American Standard)

For as long as I can remember there has been a distinct killer of the black man. There are countless hands of  death to imprison the souls of our lost.  You can hear the screams rising from the drug addicted, street pharmaceutical dealers,  court rooms, prisons, graveyards, jail cells, hospitals, murderous acts, and secrets closets of the emotionally, physically, and sexually abused.   My soul hurts when I read of the senseless acts of death committed! I am a mother who is weary of the disrespect and disregard, of life! Exhausted from observing the living dead trapped in the matrix of poverty, neglect and the under-educated. Thankful to God that today my children have escaped death yet, in disbelief for the mothers who cry out for their children that  have lost the fight.  Wondering, what is the answer to stop the tragic loss of the young? If I am truly blessed, I will die before my children.   There is a cry that is continually ignored, it is the cries of the grieving mothers, the moans of the lost souls, the weeping of the fatherless children. Lord hear our cry and deliver your people.

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