You Can’t See Me!

You Cant See Me

How dare you talk about my jeans are too tight!
Like I don’t have the right to put them on!
pointing, laughing and screaming, “A fat girl gone wrong!”
When I look in the mirror I see majesty.
The rolls that you point at with laughs and sneers,
I see as clouds surrounding me, as I tip toe through the atmosphere.
You laugh at the craters that cover my face,
having the nerve to enquire if my stomach ate my waist?
Yet I see evidence of being birthed from the moon!
A whole lot of loving and a touch of grace. Continue reading

Intimate Thoughts of a King

The Cantonian presents a grown and sexy night for couples, singles ready to mingle, and the grown and sexy  who just want to have a night out! C’mon treat your self!

October 15, 2011 A night of spoken word, “Intimate thoughts of My King!” Hosted by, Chinaz Love!

Featured Poets include: Anthony “Amplified” Evans, Sherman “LS Royal” Stewart, Greg Reaves, Eboni Redsoul, Lisa Missundastood, Kimberly Jay and the Cantonian’s own Katrina!

For ticket information check out Don’t wait this will be an intimate event where you can meet the poets one on one and obtain a copy of their latest work! Dinner will be served, as well as dessert! Meet me at the chocolate bar! I’ll be holding the strawberries! See you soon!

Can We Be Healed

He sent his word and healed them, and delivered them from their destruction, Psalms 107:20 (New American Standard)

Since I began this journey of writing, my desire has always been to be healed of past hurts and wounds. I thought by some magic, myth or spiritual insight, I might read a word or write words that could bring healing to myself and others. Continue reading