You Can’t See Me!

You Cant See Me

How dare you talk about my jeans are too tight!
Like I don’t have the right to put them on!
pointing, laughing and screaming, “A fat girl gone wrong!”
When I look in the mirror I see majesty.
The rolls that you point at with laughs and sneers,
I see as clouds surrounding me, as I tip toe through the atmosphere.
You laugh at the craters that cover my face,
having the nerve to enquire if my stomach ate my waist?
Yet I see evidence of being birthed from the moon!
A whole lot of loving and a touch of grace.
I restrain from using my powers to punch you in the face!
You jest at the size of my breast calling me the Double D princess.
But when I look in the mirror, I realized I am blessed!
I see the place for children to rest, and men to be hypnotized,
No, I am not  intimidated by their size,
I just dance and wiggle a bit
squeezing my thighs, with my hands on my hips!
Praying that the thunder bolts that ignites from my thighs,
misses their targets as they fly from the heavens from which they were created.
My God cant stand for me to be mistreated!
Thankful that I am twice the woman in every way and being skinny,
doesn’t in enhance the beauty I am beholding today.
I wear gold eyeshadow, to enhance the brown in my eyes,
Keeping my fans from being memorized by the lusciousness of my hips!
Careful, not to  give away all my secrets.
I balance it out by toning down…nothing at all!
Every inch of me is accessorized,
from my belly ring, to the tattoo on my oversized thighs!
I AM ROYALTY and jewels were made to bedazzle Me!
So I have several holes in my ears,
they are filled with diamonds and gold.
I dare not hide a beauty so bold.
My fingers are decorated because I see them as a magical wands.
My church hands, and prayer knees allow me to approach the throne.
I dress with bright colors because rainbows follow me.
Every creature in earth trying to get next to me!
I cant see what you see when you point and laugh at me.
When God kisses me goodnight He increases my self-esteem!
Knowing my worth, increases my boldness on this earth.
So go ahead point and sneer, I attributed it to your ignorance.
You’re blind to my beauty.
The images in my mirror appear differently to me.

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