The Visit

The most erotic sound in my head, is the sound of rain while I am lying in bed.
Instantly I am transported to a place that makes me shutter and moan.
I can feel your hands traveling across my body yet, I am home alone
Thoughts of you making me complete,
has my back arching and my toes clenching the sheets.
The room is hot and my palms are sweaty.
Man where are you? I am ready!
You enter the room and grasp my hand, magically we are transported to another land.
I see judges, lions and exotic birds all the while you’re enticing me with romantic words!
This is Africa and I am not a tourist! This is my land, I own this forest!
I am not the common man wearing gym shoes and carrying weed!
This is my Kingdom and I have authority.
We can relax right here is this domain,
but I chose to tip toe across the stars and next, we’re in Spain.
I am amazed at how we are traveling from place to place.
As we lie on the moon and look at the stars,
you whisper the secrets of Jupiter and Mars!
You simply state,
“I have Kingdom Authority, anything you need, just declare or decree.”
I look at your knees and questions your scars.
You began to speak about your spiritual wars.
The fight you had was on your knees, the authority you took was over demonic seeds.
The weight you carried when you held up the sun.
Many battles you’ve fought, but the war is still not done.
You kissed my eyes so that I could have spiritual vision.
The world opened up and I seen your hidden mission.
To give the atmosphere a spiritual shift.
To change the climate so love can exist.
I am confused about the experience I feel.
You speak and relay, “this is not lust, its Love, the real deal.”
It is not your body I want to entertain,
I desire to travel through your heart and expand your brain.
To open your mind with revelation knowledge and close your legs to carnal garbage.
To increase your status to royalty. Not the common lover between the sheets.
So I unclench my toes from the sheets, I listen with every fiber of my being, close my legs, cleanse my ears, yes He is calling my name.
Bowing my head I begin to repent and open my heart so that Jesus can come in.
What is that on my night stand, a ring of keys?
Jesus visited and left me Kingdom Authority.

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