He Says He Loves Me

He says he loves me, but he has no plans.
Just an expression of love and an extended hand.
Can’t handle being my lover and has no plans to be my man.
What is love without an action to follow through?
What if Jesus just loved you, but never gave His life for you?
What am I to do with love without a mission for the emotion?
Its like a suicidal gesture, attention seeking, no death intended.
Wasting my time in the emergency room,
Spending time convincing you, “Your life has meaning.”
In the end, you were just pretending.
Making a whole lot of fuss,
Over a cut not deep enough to do anything but solicit attention.
Keep your heart felt aspirations, your misguided announcements,
Your declarations that I am heaven sent to yourself!
Capture the world, with all of its wealth, and place it on the side lines,
Where you picked up those weak ass lines.
Cause love without a plan of action, is like  welfare lines.
Long, tiring and never worth the wait.
Love protects, Love cherishes, Loves expands, Love dies
Love is cultivated with the intent to yield a harvest.
Love is purposely directed and overwhelmingly accepted.
Love maybe a formidable opponent, sometimes misguided,
We don’t always want to own it!
Love always has an action, the very essence of the word implies, Love is a verb.
Dissatisfied, feeling some kind of way,
Your attempts to win me over has left a strong disdain.
How dare you approach me and use Love’s name in vain!

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