Today as I woke and began to adorn myself for work. I noticed that I was having yet another break out on my face! I find myself quite irritated with the random pimples that choose to grace their presence upon my face at the most inopportune times! But this was a rash across my forehead for no apparent reason at all!

Quite disturbed, I began to complain to myself, however, my thoughts where interrupted with the stories  of  how God always commanded the people of Israel to pick out a male animal without blemish, the best of their flock, and make a sacrifice unto Him. The task was completed so that their evil deeds would be forgiven and/or grace and mercy could be extended to the tribes.

I recalled the sacrifice of God’s Lamb unto us. Perfect, without blemish, that we would be extended forgiveness, grace and mercy yet again. This sacrifice saved us from ever shedding blood again for redemption. Realizing the request for the sacrifice to be perfect, and understanding that my God will be returning one day, in search of a church without “a spot or a wrinkle,” I began to look over my life for an area without blemish. I looked deep into my soul trying to ascertain if there was a section of my life that I lived, without blemish. Thinking back over my childhood, I reviewed my education, dating, marrying, raising my children, dedicating my life to Him and I could not find a period  that I was free of a blemish.

Sadly, I could not find a period of time in my life where grace, mercy or the favor of God did not carry me through. Sacrifice, to give something of great value for something of no value in return. So today I ask Him to remind me to stop my crying, and ferociously praise my God for allowing me to live in His favor. Recognizing my favor is determined by my faith, I went to work without make up, cover up and with my blemish on display, but thankful for the love of God in my life. Realizing that I am no real sacrifice, full of blemishes yet worthy in His site, He identifies me as worthy of grace, mercy and unmerited favor!

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