36 Hours in a Day

36 Hours in a Day!

What if there where 36 hours in a day?
More time for children to play.
Laughing and running thru the neighborhoods.
More time for people to perform good works.
More time for breast cancer research and cures for AIDS.
More time to complete your dreams for the day.
Joshua understood this marvelous feat.
He was winning the battle on that day.
Defeat was no where in site.
But he prayed to God with all of his might.
He calculated his location, and spoke to his King
Lord hold the sun over Gibeon, and the moon,
Over the valley of Aijalon.
So he could annihilate his enemies.
Not one left alive, not one would survive,
No one would escape into the night.
Joshua would finish his fight.
Somewhere I read in this bible of mine,
That God shorten the days, with the saints in mind,
If I had 36 hours in a day,
I might search my bible for that page.
But 36 hours would allow the fiends,
to continue to get high with no break in between.
It would add more hours for mothers to cry,
About the daughters getting pregnant,
Or their sons that die.
It would extend the time for people to hate,
Because of the color of my skin, or my talent within,
36 hours, just increased by 12,
Would extend the sentence for people in jail.
Suffering and mass destruction,
Extending the time for construction of more walls,
Extending the time for fighting for the cause.
Extending the time for the Revolution to come,
I don’t want to add more time for grief,
It’s like praying for the sun, without thinking of the moon,
Rotation still moving bringing calamity, and gloom,
An explosion preparing for destruction and doom.
Be careful what you ask for when you pray.
There are reasons, why we don’t have 12 more hours in the day.
The power of life and death are held in the tongue.
So what if your work is not finish when the day is done!
No one needs extended time to hold their grief.
24 hours should be enough if you believe,
God has perfected the end for you and me.
If tomorrow is the day that I may reach my destiny?
Well there is just 24 hours that exist, so we shall see.

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