Bacon an Eggs, with a Side of Grits

I smile at his presence, and truly embraced,
The beauty that lies beside me and contributes to this smile on my face.
He has got that bacon an eggs body!
Making me feel real good.
I smile at his chiseled features, appearing to be cut from wood.
Rising from my bed with visions in my head of the love given to me.
I glanced over at him lying on my sheets, inhaling the essence of his beauty.
Yes! Bacon an eggs, some pancakes with a side of grits.
Hold on my King, I gotta run to the store right quick.
I wanna nourish my King, feed him real good.
Showing him the pleasures I feel inside,
Thankful he is  lying here by my side.
I want to crack his eggs, there will be no instant grits,
No mixes or preservatives, no added incentives,
I wanna prepare a feast for my King,
Don’t get up, continue resting.
I need to squeeze the oranges for the  juice and separate the pulp.
Ensuring he is ready for the attack of the enemy today.
I know as he lays there, he has begun to pray.
Praying for my future throughout this day.
I heard him conquering the demons of the night.
I heard him whispering to God about his fight.
I felt him grip my body ensuring that I was alright.
He surely can’t think that he can protect me from my dreams?
His touch assured me, he would not allow me to struggle in my sleep.
His caress assured me, I was safe in the night.
His chiseled features portrayed he had prepared for the fight.
His love adorned me with treasured jewels.
His God provided me with moral rules.
His tender whisper in my ears, let me know that were was nothing to fear.
Yes, lying with my King, allowed me to fear nothing at all.
So I would arise before his call.
“Honey, can I have some bacon and eggs? I’m Hungry!”
With all that loving you do in the night,
I will arise before sunlight, roll up my sleeves, do a few tricks,
Preparing my King some bacon an eggs with a side of grits.

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