Guilty As Charged!

I am guilty as charged!

I cannot lie I have been caught with the weapon in my hand!
The blood of beauty is still fresh upon my face,
So I stand here with the enemy refusing to call upon God’s Grace!
I am guilty as charged!
Guilty of loving you, like you were a King!
Guilty of giving you ME, without a ring.
Guilty of praying with fornicating lips.
Guilty of seducing you, with the beat of my hips! Continue reading

The In Between Time

God is calling me to a higher place.
As I lay on the floor and see his face,
I can hear him changing my name.
relaying if I am obedient my future holds riches and fame.

God is speaking to me as if I am a Queen.
But all I can see is remnants of a woman who married a crack fiend.
So how do I live in the in between time, fulfilling my destiny,
Until God’s perfected end is completed in me?

Was there ever a time in your life that you were saved but not delivered?
A time that you cried out to be set free?
A time that you didn’t know that God was shaping your destiny.
A time that you had a vision that could not be conceived?

The in between time is where I am!
So God, how do I perform while the clay is being shaped in your hand?
How do I live like a woman that I cannot begin to comprehend?
How do I exist when only you know the plan?

In between the time that I am transformed from the peasant to the Queen.
In between the time that I am made over from a sinner to God’s minister.
In between the time that my mind comprehends his word from the beginning to end.
In between the time that God completes my destiny, How do I live out his visions for me?

It is the in between time that his mission is so critical.
It is the in between time that people become so cynical.
They point and stare and say, “look at her.”
It is the in between time, and they tell the story, like it is already over.

Judgements! Lies! Criticisms! The line forms here.
All our welcome from far and near.
Come, be the first to stand in line!
But before you speak, realize, I am in the in between time.