Guilty As Charged!

I am guilty as charged!

I cannot lie I have been caught with the weapon in my hand!
The blood of beauty is still fresh upon my face,
So I stand here with the enemy refusing to call upon God’s Grace!
I am guilty as charged!
Guilty of loving you, like you were a King!
Guilty of giving you ME, without a ring.
Guilty of praying with fornicating lips.
Guilty of seducing you, with the beat of my hips!
I stand here with my head held high
Not because of pride in what I share,
Just holding back the tears forming in my eyes.
I am guilty as charged!
I am guilty of being as Sexy as I want to be!
Red dress, red lips, red heels, black bag,
Cleavage popping, lips shining, fingers snapping,
To get your attention, and did I mention,
Afro rocking, bootie bopping, legs slipping in out of your mind?
The scent of sandalwood and vanilla lingering in the air,
The right words, butterfly kisses falling gently upon your ears.
Yes, I am guilty as charged.
Guilty of studying you, to please your appetite.
Guilty of whispering those secrets acts when I call to say goodnight.
Guilty of placing your name in my rhymes.
Guilty of showing up in the nick of time,
Making it my purpose to make you feel better.
Praying to my God that you might weather the storm.
To you, I was extraordinary, better than the norm.
I am guilty of enticing you to see the danger in me.
Guilty of becoming what you needed me to be.
Guilty of building you up to believe that you were a King.
Guilty of feeding you the food of the Gods
Guilty of giving you a word to live upon,
Nursing you with my breasts and keeping you warm.
I am Guilty of neglecting myself to care for your dreams.
Killer of my own future and builder of your destiny.
Then wondering why I stand depleted, as you walked away.
Picking up the pieces, feeling some kind of way.
As I review the transcripts, of our interactions
Shouting from the mountaintops about the criminal at large.
Yet, I am the only criminal and I am guilty as charged!

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