I Knew That Litte White Girl Named Margret

Are you there God? Are you listening?
I knew that little white girl named Margret!
She wrote to you and I read it.
You appeared abstract, some person in the air.
But now that I’m older, I understand that you’re there.
That little girl sharing with you all her of adventures,
was a lesson I needed, talk to my inventor.
Tell the creator of life what’s going on in my mind.
Developing a relationship with Him, as He is divine.
So I have made some commitments that I regret.
I have said things that should not have not been said.
The things I’ve thought are less than honorable.
That whole, “we must increase are bust…,”
Yea, that does not work!
Prayer and worship is sometimes hard work.
Not even because of lack of faith.
The problem is Satan all up in my space.
Distracted by people, thoughts and game.
Distracted by hurts and people in my lane.
Wondering if this letter is like the gift of Cain.
No sounds to the ears, no worship you can hear.
Just letters on a page.
Doubt and unbelief, they complicate things.
Are you there God? It’s me, Chinaz.
I knew that little white girl named Margret.
Judy Blume wrote about her and I read it.
She penned her thoughts to a page,
The secrets of her childhood were written to you.
I don’t know what happen because there was no book two.
My expectation is to invite you in, to let you control my destiny.
In this life you given, my secret thoughts are open for you to see.
Yet I don’t know if it is exceptable to ask God to read.
I learned about the Cherubim, I am not afraid any more.
I understand their call of Worship, and their wings to cover their feet.
I understand their design is for your Glory.
Humbling their beauty for your creation.
I have read the stories of, The Divine Revelations.
I am still confused about the trials in this life.
I have healed from the hurt of you taken my Mother’s life.
Haven’t accomplished reading all the books in the bible.
I still don’t understand the path I took.
Determine to continue on this journey in life.
Just stopped to make sure that me and you are alright.
So I took  time out to drop a few lines.
Are you their God?  Its me, Chinaz!
I knew that little white girl named Margret.
She use to write to you and I read it.
Just took sometime out to pen some words to a page.
I need you. I get lost. I love you.  Yet, I still have doubts.
I am working on it. I sorry about it. I am trying to be better at it.
Are you there God? Its me, Chinaz!
I knew that little white girl named Margret?

6 thoughts on “I Knew That Litte White Girl Named Margret

    • LOL! Earl this a play off of a book I read when I was a child. Its called, “Are You There God, Its Me Margret.” Written by Judy Blume. Its a little girl’s diary named Margret and a lot of the entries started with Are you there God, its me Margret! One of my favorite childhood reads! LOL! Thanks for your comment! Hope you enjoyed it!

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