I Hate A Thief!

I hate a Liar! But I absolutely despise a Thief!

The Thief, one who steals all things precious, dreams, and ideas.

Taking the gifts of love ones and that which God has birthed in you.

Stealing prize possessions and the feelings of  love, hope, joy, and admiration!

Leaving you only with memories of that which was lost and feelings of violation!

Never being able to recoup or replace that which was loss,

The Thief then trades your precious valuables for worthless, self gaining monetary value.

Never being able to gain the worth of the gift given to you,

The thief attempts to ordain themselves with your gift as if by possessing your items, they are some how worthy!

I hate a thief and the perpetration of fraud they carry.

I am angered by their attempt to assassinate the feelings, dreams and destiny assigned to me.

Somehow I am sure that God will punish your bold irresponsible premeditated attack on my life by taking that which was purposed for me.

I only hope that He will soothe the anger that I feel and replace it with love.

The Love in which He bares, loving those that are wrong and extending grace to those who have offended Him.

I pray to Love you again as God loves you because I am  a daily benefactor of this Love.

But in this place, on this day, at this time, Lord forgive me, Because I hate a Thief!

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