I Sing!

Today is my Birthday! I am 42 years young!
So off key in the song of life!
But I ain’t afraid to sang!
In my off key harmony,
I sang about the blessings God has bestowed me!
I sang of the broken hearts and scraped knees.
I sang the bible scriptures written in my heart.
I sang I am a poet but I respect all arts!
I sang the blues about my 6 foot 8 son quitting school!
I sang jazzy beats of hip hop!
Cuz my daughter is Graduating! Soaring to the top!
I sang Neo Soul, slow, with a body rock,
to the drug addicts sucking a pipe.
I sing cabaret style when working with clients taking their life.
I have a pop artist beat and some rocking roll for working with people I don’t even know.
Yet, I recognize the face of child that has been beat.
I clap my hands, snap my fingers, but I can never
catch the rhythm they are living in!
I sang past the emotions of eating my problems.
I sang about the death of my mother, grandmother, and Aunt!
The tune changes, the beat drops low, the words, break in an ebonic format
I try to catch the melodic phrase of words placed in a pattern that tickles the hearts
of lovers, enlightens the minds of the deep, embraces the spirit of those seeking God.
Sometimes the music fades soft and the words grow loud and all they can hear is the off beat harmony of Good intentions!
I still sing!
I am 42 years young, and I’ve sung a song a many a day!
Off beat, out of tune, broken, Happy and accompanied by Joy! I sing!

7 thoughts on “I Sing!

    • Thank You Earl! I appreciate your comment. I am not sure if you get notice when I reply but if you do…try the video again…I had it set on private…Again thanks for your support!

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