Lost Treasures

Have you ever tried to find a treasure hidden in the trash?
The thought of going through the mess, causes an unseen rash.
Your skin is crawling from the inside out, with the mess before your eyes.
Yet, this is what you have to search through, to uncover the hidden prize!
Be careful not to dirty your hands, as this will lengthen the search.
Your treasure only responds to hands untouched of human dirt!
Your treasure will not respond to untamed thoughts,
It cannot hear the quiet cries of low-esteem.
Your treasure is hidden below the mess, awaiting the discovery of a queen!
You must be polished and rehearsed on spiritual things.
As often times evil animals, taken on the form of good.
These beings suck your life, draining the power within.
They leave you left behind, with the awful stench of sin.
Causing your treasure to be buried deeper in the garbage that holds your destiny.
The smell of sin, delaying the discovery of your treasure to be free.
I started out trying to maintain my status of a queen.
But the dirty pile of leftover things caused an irremovable stain.
The detestable scent leaving no glory for my name.
Head held low, I’ve stopped searching through the trash.
No belief in hidden treasures and itching from the imagined rash.
I had some mentors, and heard some successes, from experts in the craft.
With all that knowledge, I still failed to walk into the light.
So I washed my hands and sat on them as darkness took the stage.
Praying that the trash will somehow disappear and the stench of sin would fade.
Then my treasure would mount with wings and take me on that ride,
Where treasure are selected from strong trees, with deep roots, and visions of destiny.
In that place, I pray to God, my treasure will be looking for me!

2 thoughts on “Lost Treasures

  1. I like how you used dirt as a metaphor here! that was brilliant also I like the meaning it presents on a different level. Good thing you can always brush that dirt of your shoulder get back up and try again. Thanks for the post

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