Come have a conversation with me.
Something that actually is equivalent to communication.
Words that are put together to generate elevation, stimulations, and even laughter.  Please disregard all conversation related to my anatomy
and for those slow on the uptake, that is the same as my physique.
Of course I want to know you really like my smile,
and thank you for the compliment on my pretty brown eyes.
But can we talk about something that will stimulate my mind?
I can’t bare to sit and listen to you talk under my dress.
If that’s all the game you got?
Brotha please give it a rest.
Is there someone who can please have a conversation with me?
In my mouth there is illumination of some interesting facts
and some places I’d like to take you, far far away.
We can hoover above pyramids and peer down into the depths of the sea.
We can soar the mountain tops, climb trees in the rain forest and pluck the fruit,
never skimming the surface, digging  to the root of the existence
then traveling back through time.
Is there a brother out there who can stimulant my mind?
I’m so tired of Brotha’s talking about, “Sista you’re too deep!”
I’m looking for a Brotha who can dig with me!
Take me on the journey from Genesis to Revelation.
Whisper in my ears the mystery of the creation.
Understanding that the Light in Genesis is the same Light in John.
Take me on a journey I have never been on!
Until then I will be single but not available.
Refusing to be yoked if you’re not on my level.
Upgrade your conversation, erased your hard drive, input
some information that can make me smile inside.
From the internet, a book, a secret prayer that reveals to you,
women want to hear about more than what pleasures you.
Insight, divine times, creative rhymes of mystery. Digest it!
Then come have a conversation with me.

7 thoughts on “CONVERSATIONS

  1. “understanding that the light that’s in Genesis is the same light in John” I read and liked this the other day but since I passed by, I had to have a second helping. This is great. Can’t hit the like button twice so I had to leave a comment 🙂

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