The Wind Blew

The wind blew.
Then I fell down.
Broken into tiny pieces and strewn throughout the universe,
I watched my heart slip to the east
I could not gather my pieces as my arms were in the north wind
my legs scattered south.
Sorrow gripped me, until I saw the pain of others.
I prayed for the place underneath His wings where we may all find peace.
I wanted to reach out to the others that hurt worst than me,
Yet my voice remains caged.
I feel the presence of His healing attempting to ease the pain of the loss.
I stand fragile and cracked.
Yet I am still standing.

Just A Gentle Breeze

Just a Gentle Breeze

Is that You, I hear calling my name?
Is that your caress I feel soothing me?
Or is it just a gentle breeze?
Is that my name in the chirp of the birds.
Or can I only find your presence in the Holy Word?
Because it appears as if I see you in the clouds above,
and when when the wind blows I am told things I know nothing of…
You said your sheep will recognize you,
but it appears that I have been asleep!
Then awaken to the sweetness of your mysteries,
With the same sounds, enhanced by a royal familiarity.
I am wondering is that you God, speaking to me?

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After The Cross

I awoke this morning thinking about the resurrection and excited about the life Jesus gave. However, my mind questioned what to do after the celebration? Looking for an answer I picked up my bible and read the passage in Luke. I read how a man named Joseph requested the body of Jesus, wrapped Him in linen cloth, and then buried him in a tomb that had never been used. The scriptures stated, that the women who had come with Jesus from Galilee were watching and went home to prepare spices and perfumes, and returned on the third day to find the body gone. I continued reading and missed the point. Later in the day, I gained insight. God reminded me of my cross that I bore and the shame I felt with my sins hung wide for everyone to see. Continue reading


For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 NIV

I have always been taught that this verse meant that If I believed that Jesus died for my sins, upon my death, I would go to Heaven. Today, I do not believe the writer is referring to a life after death. Upon closer examination of the word, eternal, I understand that eternal implies a continual state of existence in THIS life and the after life. Yet, Heaven cannot be the only expected promise as life is eternal for those who receive Heaven as well as Hell. Furthermore, the word life is defined as a POSITIVE physical and mental state of being! Surely, a life in hell would be equivalent of death. Because my faith has been so shallow regarding the God I serve, my life does not exemplify the belief in the power obtained when my savior rose from the dead. I now over-stand that limited faith reduces the quality of our lives to a state of existence, waiting on the promise of Heaven. Today I challenged myself and readers to increase our faith and resurrect the things dead in our lives. Today we should resurrect our faith, self-esteem, dead talents, dead gifts, dead dreams, love, and relationships and live! Pull your inheritances off of the cross! For He is risen and all those who believe are promised life! Never forgetting that there is a Heaven upon our death. Nor neglecting the promises that were bestowed to us in this life, the here and the NOW!

Chinaz Love