After The Cross

I awoke this morning thinking about the resurrection and excited about the life Jesus gave. However, my mind questioned what to do after the celebration? Looking for an answer I picked up my bible and read the passage in Luke. I read how a man named Joseph requested the body of Jesus, wrapped Him in linen cloth, and then buried him in a tomb that had never been used. The scriptures stated, that the women who had come with Jesus from Galilee were watching and went home to prepare spices and perfumes, and returned on the third day to find the body gone. I continued reading and missed the point. Later in the day, I gained insight. God reminded me of my cross that I bore and the shame I felt with my sins hung wide for everyone to see. I felt no one had ever experienced or could ever understand my pain. I neglected to recall that Jesus died for it all.  So I withdrew into a place of hurt, much liked the tomb that was used to bury the body of Jesus. I imagined that the women were headed to the tomb to dress the body in the fine spices. To tend to the wounds and suffering that occurred in the brutal death that Jesus suffered for us! Ensuring that the body was embalmed and the death was forever memorialized. Only to arrive to discover the body was gone. There were no wounds to nurse. The body had been wrapped in linen, buried, and on that third day, risen from the dead! Some of our wounds have been dead for a long time yet we are still nursing them with our fine spices. Forever recalling the pain we felt. With the pain on display for eternity so the world can understand we have been hurt! Our spices equate to food, drugs, alcohol, sex,  poor choices, and a list of other unhealthy coping skills. I challenged you to believe that your, “THIS!” has died, the wound has been treated with a fine linen cloth and buried into a sea of forgiveness. I remembered living through my “THIS” and the shame I felt in the experience. I felt as if everyone in the world saw my pain. Feeling like the world had x-ray vision regarding my circumstances, contributed to lack in my life. Being fearful of walking in purpose, feeling unworthy to take part in the life I was predestined to live. My self-esteem was low because my, “THIS” had happened. I ate junk because of my, “THIS!” I was hesitant to move into my destiny because of my, “THIS.” We need to realize that, yes, Jesus died for our sins, but the power was obtained when he rose from the dead! Stop trying to nurse the wounds of the dead and HEAL. Your, “THIS” is over! Forgiven! “THIS” has left the tomb! Therefore, we must ascertain our purpose and run toward our destiny.

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