Just A Gentle Breeze

Just a Gentle Breeze

Is that You, I hear calling my name?
Is that your caress I feel soothing me?
Or is it just a gentle breeze?
Is that my name in the chirp of the birds.
Or can I only find your presence in the Holy Word?
Because it appears as if I see you in the clouds above,
and when when the wind blows I am told things I know nothing of…
You said your sheep will recognize you,
but it appears that I have been asleep!
Then awaken to the sweetness of your mysteries,
With the same sounds, enhanced by a royal familiarity.
I am wondering is that you God, speaking to me?

Expand my lungs with your breath,
I want my lungs to explode in my chest,
I want them to burn like my last breath,
in the deep sea of your mystery.
I long for the revelation knowledge of why the rainbow surrounds your throne!
Please reveal why I am here, if you desire Heaven to be my home.
Open my ears that I may hear the cries of the angels.
Allow my eyes to travel to the dimension of your majesty.
God allow me to see myself as you see me.
Hold back the power of your Glory, as I am not worthy,
Yet I want to know the story, of why you love.
There are so many things I know nothing of.
Why is there only 24 men that toss their crowns,
When you are the God of creation,
and all will bow before your throne?
Why did you send Him with no place to birth,
then gave Him no place to rest on the Earth?
Born in a manager away from His home.
Buried in a borrowed tomb.
With only 30 years to wander the Earth,
Yet in the order of creation, He was your first,
and we wait patiently till the end of the Earth,
and the Kingdom of Light to come?
Is it the Last Days? What are Kingdom ways?
Where lies my Destiny?
Is that you I hear speaking to Me?
Or is it just a gentle breeze?

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