Pressing Pass the Hem

Pressing through the talk, crawling cause, I cannot walk!
Trying to reach the hem of His garment,
Like the woman with the issue of blood.
12 years she suffered bleeding everyday.

I am 42 still trying to find my way. 
Blood, does not seem so bad.
I bleed daily too.
These days, everyone else does too.
Blood on my children’s face.
When I write, my paper bleeds,
Blood on the church ladies knees,
In the panties of children to young to bleed.
Lord we all bleed.
Gotta pushed past the hem of His garment,
Healing is not enough for me.
Keep your five loaves of bread and your two fish.
Eating today is not on my list.
I am fasting daily, trying watch what I eat.
Food is just like crack to me.
Always second guessing, scolding myself for the decision I made,
I need more from the King!
I need to see His face!
I want to be embraced in His wings.
Hide in the shelter of the Almighty,
Under His wings there are no pestilences or dis-ease!
There I am not a woman, mother, or lady who continues to bleed.
Beneath His wings, I have no name, no need to seek any fame.
I am simply a vessel, needing to be filled.
I am simply a tool, He can utilized to complete His will!
I am crafted, protected, not subjected to the pain.
Crying? Please! There is peace under the wing.
I can sing under the wing, carry a tune, that is music to His ears,
The Lyrics are simple they read, I LOVE YOU.
He knows my heart so He fills me up and allows my cup to overflow.
Healing each issue because He needs me to know,
The comfort and power He posses in His Hand,
Showing me He is the King, The Great I AM!
Pressing thru the talk, crawling cause I cannot walk,
Pushing past the Hem, I need to get closer and actually have a relatioship with Him!
Lord, allow me to know you enough to press past the hem,
Bow gracefully before your knees,
Wash your feet with my hair,
Soar through the air, and find comfort beneath your wing!

4 thoughts on “Pressing Pass the Hem

  1. Chinaz; you are the greatest! Your words are the greatest! They just flow from your lips like water in the falls. Love ya!!!!!!

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