Please Post

Please put a post up.
Like a posted note.
Just show up, with instant words to lighten the day.
Or, enlighten minds on what you have to say.
Let them read your words and entertain their thoughts.
Let them glance through your secret thoughts.
Post a comment of what they felt.
Or hit the like button so you know they passed by.
Maybe smile then escape your page dot com.
Never knowing they have come and now they are gone.
But your thoughts remain posted up in this place.
Sometimes appearing to just take up space of words left unsaid.
But go ahead!
Put a post up.
Share a vision or a dream.
Align words that others may think.
Inking the secret thoughts, others dare not breathe.
Fairy tales of Gods wearing pink panties,
Pricing letters, piercing hearts, pouring out lies,
pleasing eyes, and priceless surprises in posted notes!

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