Master of the Universe

I am Shera!
Master of the Universe with my Sword of Protection,
Its the Word of course.
Call me Wonder Twin Powers,
Cause when I speak words, they activate.
Speaking to the universe, is how I create!
Like Wilma and Betty, I have a battle cry.
I yell “Charge!”
As I dot you in the eye,
With the power of life, spoken from my tongue.
Doing it the way God did! That’s how the world begun.
Let there be light! Because He is the Source!
Enter into the light, because darkness has run its course.
Like the Night Rider, I am a Night Fighter, but Kit does not know the way.
My GPS, God Protection is Set, on the course of My Destiny.
I am a SuperHero with a moral code, and royal clothes, draped in liberty.
Except there is no magic powers, I have just been redeemed!
There is a Ghost who lives inside of me.
His name is not Casper but He has set me Free!
I have x-ray vision and the power to foretell!
For my God holds the future and He knows it well!
No fairy dust, no make believe, just the power of spoken word.
Mock me if you dare, there is a noose for your neck, a grave for your corpse.
You won’t escape His wrath, by plane, car, bus, or horse!
He parts the sea, speaks to the wind,
brings disaster and destruction, as I smile and grin,
eat dinner, and climb on your backs to straighten Mars,
Blinded by your envy, you still can’t see,
Don’t make Him Angry, or you will see green!
There is no make believe creature hidden inside of me.
Just the power of God that resides within.
So I will end this story, the same way it begins!
I am Shera!
Master of the Universe with my Sword of Protection,
Its the Word of course!