He is into me you see!

I can tell by the smile in his eyes.

He holds my gaze like I have him hypnotize.

He is into me you see!

He calls me every morning before the birds began to sing.

He is so faithful to this task my alarm clock has become his ring.

He is into me you see!

Always watching, forever talking, about the joy I bring.

Until, I denied him the pleasure of me, waiting for him to supply a ring.

The smile faded and his eyes began to wander,

Toward other pretty girls and how they sauntered.

I overslept the next day,

Without the morning call to start my day.

I understand now that he being into me,

Is not the same as intimacy.

He just wanted a private session,

Absent of God’s blessing and a ceremony.

So I am still in search of the one, that is into me.