Still Searching

Looking at a map of the Great United States.Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
Plotting a route of the trips I’d like to take.
Skipping over poverty, been there way to long!
Jumping over sorrow, my my I know that song!
Racing past pity, I have seen all I need.
Trying to obtain my destiny without visiting greed!
Can’t visit any forest without planting my seed,
For if not for us, there would be no evil deeds.
So many places to go, So many people to know,
So many things to give, I just wanna live, in Honesty!
Stand in Prayer! Sleep in Peace! Give without limits!
The state of the States, Crime! Poverty! & Hate!
Planning my trip, without the baggage of mistrust,
Not wanting to pack, “please don’t hurt me again!”
Forgetting on purpose, “I thought you were my friend!”
Leaving behind anger and despair.
Where I am going, there’s no place for you there…
Running to greet, Jesus is Lord!
Two helpings of Faith in my suitcase!
Sitting on top so i get in, “In GOD I will trust!”
Makeup bag filled with Love,
Left the lip liner on the bed and painted my lips with Mercy & Grace!
Packed determination in my carry on to assist in the race.
Dreaming of my trip! Where will Destiny take me?
Understanding that I have survived.
Yet knowing that I have not arrived!
I am still searching.

How Powerful am I?

How Powerful Am I?DSC_7604
It’s all in the strength of how I try!
I balance butterflies on my noes,
Walk in high heel shoes,
Giving off a sexy aura,
Without showing you my jewels.
I carry a full-time job, while holding down a part-time job,
clutching two children, a diaper bag, a killer purse
You wish you had, open up car doors, strap them in the seats,
Never breaking sweat and preforming with ease!
Like walking on a tight rope, I rise above,
The nations of your dreams, I dance around the circle of fire,
Igniting the flames that you’ve set trying to burn my fame.
I am hip to your assassination attacks, but I am not afraid!
For God knows my name!
I speak my mind, line by line, like music notes,
or late night jokes, my thoughts breath life!
My children understand they are royalty.
Strangers take notice and wish they were me.
Meager becomes great, and although I am not worthy,
Angles back up what I say!
Because the thoughts I speak are not my own!
They are the words of Him who sits on the throne!
Speaking into creation what doesn’t exist!
I see you believing as you read this!
You can see my beauty high above,
You see the Woman that I speak of!
She is powerful in your mind,
Just by reading some words that rhyme!
How powerful are nouns and verbs.
How powerful am I, lies in the reader of these words!
Your thoughts, however, cannot limit me,
Cause my power lies in what I believe!
How powerful am I? It’s all in the strength of how I try!
Shaking your head as if you can’t believe this.
Trying to understand how I can speak what you wish!
There is no proof in the pudding! My Bowl is empty!
The spoon, licked clean!
No mess on my face, cause I eat like a Queen!
Devouring His word! I am self taught!
Activated by love! Nourished with Faith!
No morsels left! My plate is clean! The proof exist inside of me!
You can examine the facts when I arrive at my Destiny!

I Am So Blessed!

Despite every test I fail, and all my other crazy mess,
I feel so blessed!
I cannot ever remember NOT talking to God!
To some that may seem a little odd.
My first memory is of me, looking in the mirror and talking to Him!
I guess even at the age three, littleblackgirl
I was able to recognize the God in me.
I would speak to Him in my play!
I always knew how to pray,
Yet, not really knowing how to believe.
Faith is really hard to grasp!
Its like hope, absent luck, without any sight,
Of knowing how things will come to past.
So when I had my child young and out of wedlock,
Had to face my family and relay,
I got pregnant so I guess I’m caught,
Living my secret teenage life,
Knowing it’s wrong, pretending like it’s right,
Facing the issues of being married, young and dumb,
Burying my mother way too young,
Taking in her children with no real job,
Going back to college despite those odds.
Living my nightmare on crack street,
Working two jobs just to make ends meet.
Pursuing and obtaining a Master’s degree,
All while burying the elders in my family.
Then raising my children and watching them take flight.
Still praying to God that they would be all right.
Running and hiding to protect their life,
Making mistakes in the decisions, when God told me right!
Then setting off for destination unknown, searching for my destiny.
Absent my friends, loved ones, and family.
Looking at the present and all of my mess,
I continue to say, “I AM SO Blessed!
Grasping at Faith and waiting for the increase!
Not understanding why even I believe,
Except for looking at this list of all He has done for Me!

Easy E

Easily manipulated into loving you,
You see love is something I Easily do,
Pleasing you is something I instinctually did,
Every woman can smile and keep her secrets hid.
The Essence of this woman is what you skipped over.
Evading God’s orders to become my Lover.
Secretly  Escaping what you try to cover.
Managing your manhood you forgot to preserve her.
Looking to salvage it but now it is over!
Mirrors on your walls hiding the image of your face.
So quickly you direct your blame all over the place.
Eased up to loving me but Edged out the race.
Every inch of me trying to leave this with grace.
Eternal thoughts have Ended, no Emails, no texts
Erasing the memories that we Ever met.
Except for the ones Etched in my heart.
Erupting with joy from the fairytale part.
Keeping hid the Exciting & Erotic tidbits of time.
Every woman can smile and keep her secrets hid,
Cause Loving you is something I Easily did!Image

Rest In Peace!

Been on facebook all morning ain’t even prayed!

Rest In Peace

Looking at the image next to me, wondering why He stayed?!

Afraid to enter the kitchen, dishes still in the sink!

Leftover memories, fogged with whatever we had to drink.

Couldn’t be top shelf, cause I can hardly think!

Now I wish I had an eraser to wash away the past.

Don’t even want the envious looks, can’t stand to hear his laugh!

But I wrapped myself in lustful greed, the simple talk to meet my needs, and now I am feeling bad!

My grandmother said to start my day with prayer, If did, I might not feel this bad.

Rest in Peace is the greeting that they give the dead!

But if I had of rested in the peace that Jesus gives,

This man would not be in my bed!

Idle thoughts and wasted time is a sin, indeed!

It leads to fantasies of erotic tales, empty wishes, dirty dishes, headaches and wanted guest!

So tonight, I’ll read a little word, and awake with Him to start my day!

Put the facebook news feed in my past and bow my head and pray!