Rest In Peace!

Been on facebook all morning ain’t even prayed!

Rest In Peace

Looking at the image next to me, wondering why He stayed?!

Afraid to enter the kitchen, dishes still in the sink!

Leftover memories, fogged with whatever we had to drink.

Couldn’t be top shelf, cause I can hardly think!

Now I wish I had an eraser to wash away the past.

Don’t even want the envious looks, can’t stand to hear his laugh!

But I wrapped myself in lustful greed, the simple talk to meet my needs, and now I am feeling bad!

My grandmother said to start my day with prayer, If did, I might not feel this bad.

Rest in Peace is the greeting that they give the dead!

But if I had of rested in the peace that Jesus gives,

This man would not be in my bed!

Idle thoughts and wasted time is a sin, indeed!

It leads to fantasies of erotic tales, empty wishes, dirty dishes, headaches and wanted guest!

So tonight, I’ll read a little word, and awake with Him to start my day!

Put the facebook news feed in my past and bow my head and pray!

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