Easy E

Easily manipulated into loving you,
You see love is something I Easily do,
Pleasing you is something I instinctually did,
Every woman can smile and keep her secrets hid.
The Essence of this woman is what you skipped over.
Evading God’s orders to become my Lover.
Secretly  Escaping what you try to cover.
Managing your manhood you forgot to preserve her.
Looking to salvage it but now it is over!
Mirrors on your walls hiding the image of your face.
So quickly you direct your blame all over the place.
Eased up to loving me but Edged out the race.
Every inch of me trying to leave this with grace.
Eternal thoughts have Ended, no Emails, no texts
Erasing the memories that we Ever met.
Except for the ones Etched in my heart.
Erupting with joy from the fairytale part.
Keeping hid the Exciting & Erotic tidbits of time.
Every woman can smile and keep her secrets hid,
Cause Loving you is something I Easily did!Image

2 thoughts on “Easy E

  1. TAS; My thoughts exactly. I only hope that someday I can express myself as well as you do. Best Wishes for a great and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Respectfully, your friend !!!!!

  2. TAS: you never cease to amaze me and many others whos life you have touched. God’s blessings on you and your loved ones. Respectfully and Merry Christmas – Happy New Years

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