Shed the Weight


Standing in line at the check out, I observed a woman pull her cart up behind me. She was smiling and simply full of joy! The clerk greeted her with a, “Hey girl! How have you been?” She tossed a hip and stated, “Fine!” Still ringing my items, he replied, “You certainly are fine! Look how much weight you’ve loss!” I believed she danced a bit as she moved back and forth and screamed, “I lost 50lbs.” Everyone in ear shot smiled, especially the clerk. Although no one commented, the energy in the area was filled with happiness for her success. Her approximately 10 year- old son piped up, “I lost weight too!” As if he wanted to consume some of that unspoken attention.  I turned slightly to glance at the woman, mainly because loosing weight is a constant struggle in my life and I  know what hard work it is to loose 50lbs!    What I saw was a still slightly overweight Beauty Queen, excited about her accomplishment! I thought, Fifty pounds! Amazing! She must feel great!”

Thinking about the weight she lost and the journey she still had ahead of her, my voice of inspiration spoke. “What about the weight of Sin?” Sin lays on our hearts, minds, and  physical bodies much like that weight the woman carried around. Most of the world cannot see our battle scars of sin as easily as the bulges and pudginess that comes from overeating, but the weight is still there, separating us from the light.

The crime is increased when we realized that Jesus bared all of that weight so that we might live free.  I wonder what would have happen if the people who stood around that cross and watch my savior crucified would have begun to cry out, “No beat me! I’ll take that flogging! No let me carry the cross! Put the thistles of crown on my head!” I believe the story would be less about a Savior and more about the generosity of mankind.

The atrocity is that while we yet believe that he died on the cross for all of our sins, we continue to saunter around with the weight of sin! Stripping the power from the cross we choose to be seduced by death.  Appearing like an out of shape fat lady, dressed in a skirt two sizes two small, shoes overstuffed with what used to be petite feet, as if the cut off of circulation in our toes is not enough to signal that the shoe is too small. Face painted like an Easter Egg, deceiving only ourselves and pretending to the world we have it all together.  Jesus worked it out so that we can “Shed the Weight” and even better, never put it on! Leave the weight at the cross, He has already, carried, crucified, buried and risen for our sins!


May every reader benefit from this blog, but today, I am writing to me!