Naked before the Earth

Rising from my bed, standing naked before the earth,
Recognizing the universe to which I gave birth.
Yet, I still search the land for the man I call my king!
Praying that when he sees me he will recognize his queen!
Forming pseudo relationships trying to fill the gaps,
As time escapes, each moment counts as years, in the universe I created.
Regrets and emotions filled with lustful thoughts and wishes of,
I didn’t do’s.
As I reflect on the time I bent and broke the established rules.
Disappointing those that believed I was a queen,
Lost in scriptures and behaviors that were meant to define me.
Now sin and time spent has become my mask,
Covering the virtue I possessed and trying to hide my past.
Not worthy of the love I seek, no strength to obtain my goals,
Praying for my God to reach out and make me whole.
I cover my body with the earth and return to my rest!
Feeling the cold upon my chest, I allow myself to dream.
Dirty and bruised I fall a sleep, still dreaming of my king.
Hoping still, he will find me and recognize his queen!

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