I am just a pile of dirtWrapped in flesh

Hoping that the dung in my life 

Will fertilize my earth.

I am a God Made Original

But birth in sin, I have been 

Genetically modified,

I try to hide it, little lipstick,

Part my lips, flash my smile,

Slight tilt of my head to the left, 

Now I got you wrapped up in flesh. 

Genetically Modified Organism

It’s not just the fruit! 

We been changing our nature, 

Done dug up the roots! 

Replanted our purpose and left out the Holy! 

Lifting our hands and forgot the praise. 

Looted the church to justify our ways. 

Chemically changed our behavior,

A little sugar, a dabbed of THC. 

Oh chick u ain’t crazy!  

Pour my Hennessy! 

Turn up the music, 

Turn up your legs,

Turn up the grind,

Who needs to pray? 

We are the new generation! 

Genetically modified organisms,

Musicians without soul! 

Feeding the nature of sin,

But calling ourselves Christians

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