About Chinaz Love

Chinaz Love is a down to earth sister who always tells it like it is. If you don't want to hear the truth, don't ask her. She is a passionate sister with her own views on life and living it. Her poetry connects to that thing that makes us all sisters, no matter what we look like, where we come from, or where we are headed. Chinaz Love attended Kent State University and earned an Associate of Arts degree with a minor in Individual, Family Studies and Gerontology. Ms. Love also earned a Master of Social Work from The University of Akron.


I am just a pile of dirtWrapped in flesh

Hoping that the dung in my life 

Will fertilize my earth.

I am a God Made Original

But birth in sin, I have been 

Genetically modified,

I try to hide it, little lipstick,

Part my lips, flash my smile,

Slight tilt of my head to the left, 

Now I got you wrapped up in flesh. 

Genetically Modified Organism

It’s not just the fruit! 

We been changing our nature, 

Done dug up the roots! 

Replanted our purpose and left out the Holy! 

Lifting our hands and forgot the praise. 

Looted the church to justify our ways. 

Chemically changed our behavior,

A little sugar, a dabbed of THC. 

Oh chick u ain’t crazy!  

Pour my Hennessy! 

Turn up the music, 

Turn up your legs,

Turn up the grind,

Who needs to pray? 

We are the new generation! 

Genetically modified organisms,

Musicians without soul! 

Feeding the nature of sin,

But calling ourselves Christians

The New Child Abuse

Dipped in sugar, laid in sweat, poured into the ink pen, 

Drama keeps it wet.

Thirsty for a plot, bobbing to stop the bleed, 

Head swinging left to right, to interpret  what you read. 

Three found dead, rocks on the scene.

Change the font, adjust the format. 

Nope! Same old scene. 

Script has been rewritten. 

But the play stays the same. 

Just because you on the set, 

The game hasn’t changed! 

No eraser on the tip. 

No rubbers on your uhmm… feet. 

Nine months later, new little treats.

Dressed real cute, 

Let them watch you blow,

Your money, smoke circles and oh yeah, your neighbor, Joe.

Our children have turned to kids,

Baby goats with demonic souls. 

Drinking from the ink of the rewritten rules.

Dressed in their best to cover the bruise. 

History, a repeating chapter of book never read.

Grandma is leading the funeral cause, the preachers been dead.

No daddy, No mama, No spiritual truth. 

Queen Bey and Kanye raise our youth! 

Without a doubt, The New Child Abuse! 

My Poetry

My poetry
I have words that open the door to my sexy.
But if my sex is all u want to see,
I have verbs that represent my set!
I like the art of seduction, whispering fantasies,
That transition into reality,
If you have the vision to see.
Building pyramids with my nouns,
Two stepping mountains, naked,
As the pronouns hide the privacy,
Of the adjectively delicious part of my lips,
As they pucker up and spit,
The next syllable of my words of seduction,
Also known as poetry.


Can you please tell me why knowing that you love me, moves my mind to a different place in the universe?
Is it actually love or a curse?
I feel hopelessly alone in my space.
Existing in a private bubble until you infiltrate my thoughts on my same weird & exotic rhythm.
Then we vibe!
Like riding a tidal wave that subsides into the ocean!
We just blend in.
Separated in the sea I amount to nothing for infinity.
You are my force, my fire, my motion.
I have looked for it in others but they just don’t move me….

Naked before the Earth

Rising from my bed, standing naked before the earth,
Recognizing the universe to which I gave birth.
Yet, I still search the land for the man I call my king!
Praying that when he sees me he will recognize his queen!
Forming pseudo relationships trying to fill the gaps,
As time escapes, each moment counts as years, in the universe I created.
Regrets and emotions filled with lustful thoughts and wishes of,
I didn’t do’s.
As I reflect on the time I bent and broke the established rules.
Disappointing those that believed I was a queen,
Lost in scriptures and behaviors that were meant to define me.
Now sin and time spent has become my mask,
Covering the virtue I possessed and trying to hide my past.
Not worthy of the love I seek, no strength to obtain my goals,
Praying for my God to reach out and make me whole.
I cover my body with the earth and return to my rest!
Feeling the cold upon my chest, I allow myself to dream.
Dirty and bruised I fall a sleep, still dreaming of my king.
Hoping still, he will find me and recognize his queen!


My back ground Music

He is my back ground music!
When I move, it’s to the sounds of his adoration for me!
He is my back ground music!
Peeling me open like a banana, he kisses my bruises!
Yes yes he is my background music.
I rock slowly to his roar and fall a sleep to his purr!
He is my back ground music!
Slaying dragons, calling stars, within my reach, to the rhythm of his instrumental climax!
Dancing in a frenzy to a hypnotic beat!
Inciting, enticing, magnetic grooves.
Moving me to the depths of my inner Queen!
Pulling me to the horizon of my destiny!
My background music in the notes of a high sexy, and intense integrity,
Resting before, the entrance of pretty flute notes singing my creativity,
Saxophone solos whispering Gods favor upon me!
Angels singing praises to the woman I am…
Slave’s hums of what I am to become!
I am captivated by the beat!
I roll my hips, and twerk a bit,
Then pop my fingers to the song,
As the world wonders, how I am so strong?
They can’t hear my background music!

The secrets out!

So many of you trying to keep the secret.

The X-ray vision of life sees through your red dress,

Your eyes lashes our fake and your hair line is a mess of bald patches in distress.

Why do you keep pretending like you got it all together?

You are held in bondage by panty girdles and quick dry glue.

You are so covered up that you lost the meaning of beauty being skin deep.

Yes you are in too deep!

 That make-up does not enhance your current situation.

Skin busted, insides feeling disgusted,

Painting on happiness, and praying for seeds of self destruction to be uprooted. 

Promoting false securities  with gel tips nails and rhinestones.

 None of it is really your own.

Undress! Stand naked and proud!

Displaying truth, highlighted in pink see-through lip gloss

So they all may be lost in the words that you speak. 

Shine the light on your inner beauty, so that it may be your halo,

Wear it proud in the middle of the day,

Nakedness glaring like young tits protuding out of  a sheer t-shirt.

 Close the closet of make believe, and dressed up dreams. 

Display your beauty as if you are on reality TV!

In color, out loud, unashamed of the flaws in  your life.

Inserting piercings in your scars and tattoo your mistakes.

Let the secrets bare your soul that we might know you.

Yes Yes dear bare your truth!  


I really want to take a cruise with you.
So I can see how easy you ride my waves.
Better yet escape to the amazon so I can climb your trees,
Hide myself in the shade of your leaves.
Lets take a plane ride and get high on the essence of your presence in my life.
Vacation from you?
Id rather end my life!
Kill myself!
Rather, than be absent from you and the wealth of the fantasies you inspire. Perspiring like an addict with the thoughts of leaving you.
Feigning for the next moments that I can spend with you.
Sweet is the taste of your kiss, lying in your arms,
I can’t resist.
Escaping on a erotic vacation, deployed to destination joy, embracing the memories of you!