About Me

Research of The Woman-click here for spoken word!

Name: Chinaz Love
Birthday: March 2nd
College: University of Akron
Major: Social Work
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Book: “A Piece of Cake,” by Cupcake Brown
Favorite Movie: Lady Sings the Blues
Favorite Food: Chocolate Chip Cookies
Favorite Scripture: John 1:1-5

Contact me : ms.chinaz@gmail.com

I am so excited that I discovered that when you ask God, He answers! During the most challenging times of my life, He was so mindful of the little things. Never failing to show up with grace and mercy. He has given me one direction… LIVE THIS. In a world so sensitive to the things and people of God, exacerbated by the evil that dwells among us, it is hard to imagine what your THIS might be. But we are all on assignment to obtain our destiny! In doing so I hope you recognize that to be it you must live it. Its a lifestyle! CHINAZ LOVE

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you for the like on Shadows. You were created to be Captivating, as I am sure you already know. May you find adventures that HE calls you to be glorious and fierce. May the pursuit of beauty within you and with HIM be wild and passionate. May all the questions that haunt you in life be answered in who HE is. Blessings to you.

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