My back ground Music

He is my back ground music!
When I move, it’s to the sounds of his adoration for me!
He is my back ground music!
Peeling me open like a banana, he kisses my bruises!
Yes yes he is my background music.
I rock slowly to his roar and fall a sleep to his purr!
He is my back ground music!
Slaying dragons, calling stars, within my reach, to the rhythm of his instrumental climax!
Dancing in a frenzy to a hypnotic beat!
Inciting, enticing, magnetic grooves.
Moving me to the depths of my inner Queen!
Pulling me to the horizon of my destiny!
My background music in the notes of a high sexy, and intense integrity,
Resting before, the entrance of pretty flute notes singing my creativity,
Saxophone solos whispering Gods favor upon me!
Angels singing praises to the woman I am…
Slave’s hums of what I am to become!
I am captivated by the beat!
I roll my hips, and twerk a bit,
Then pop my fingers to the song,
As the world wonders, how I am so strong?
They can’t hear my background music!

Gone On & Talk About Me!

Speaking life is always right!
Yet, I find myself holding my pen real tight,
trying to direct the flow of my traffic.
Creating your death with my words would be so tragic,
You’re trying to assassinate my integrity behind my back,
bad habit!
Running your mouth,
Like shooting bullets from a gun,
rapid fire, as you desire, to murder my character!
Then smiling in my face…
What an actor!
What a disaster!
Then I read,
“Have you considered my servant Job?”
I realized that you created a scene for God to bless me!
Why are you acting like you are from the Twilight,
for the blood that covers my life!
Don’t you understand,
He has already paid the price!
I just dabbed a little bit behind my ears.
Place a smidgen on my wrist.
Show the price tag to the devil and declare,
“Pass over this!”
You can’t shop in the same stores as me!
You can’t shine like my stars!
All my labels are the same brand,
Understanding I am still not worthy!
Underneath the blood, the floss, the gloss and the weave,
pain healed, weakness made strong, wrong made right,
cause He gave His life!
The Glory of God must look good on me!
‘Cause you cant seem keep your mouth off me!
I just hold to His words,
“Have you considered my servant Job?”
So talk if you must, in God I will trust!
Waiting with anticipation for the restoration,
from your destructive seeds, that set up the scene,
for God to bless Me!

The In Between Time

God is calling me to a higher place.
As I lay on the floor and see his face,
I can hear him changing my name.
relaying if I am obedient my future holds riches and fame.

God is speaking to me as if I am a Queen.
But all I can see is remnants of a woman who married a crack fiend.
So how do I live in the in between time, fulfilling my destiny,
Until God’s perfected end is completed in me?

Was there ever a time in your life that you were saved but not delivered?
A time that you cried out to be set free?
A time that you didn’t know that God was shaping your destiny.
A time that you had a vision that could not be conceived?

The in between time is where I am!
So God, how do I perform while the clay is being shaped in your hand?
How do I live like a woman that I cannot begin to comprehend?
How do I exist when only you know the plan?

In between the time that I am transformed from the peasant to the Queen.
In between the time that I am made over from a sinner to God’s minister.
In between the time that my mind comprehends his word from the beginning to end.
In between the time that God completes my destiny, How do I live out his visions for me?

It is the in between time that his mission is so critical.
It is the in between time that people become so cynical.
They point and stare and say, “look at her.”
It is the in between time, and they tell the story, like it is already over.

Judgements! Lies! Criticisms! The line forms here.
All our welcome from far and near.
Come, be the first to stand in line!
But before you speak, realize, I am in the in between time.

Bacon an Eggs, with a Side of Grits

I smile at his presence, and truly embraced,
The beauty that lies beside me and contributes to this smile on my face.
He has got that bacon an eggs body!
Making me feel real good.
I smile at his chiseled features, appearing to be cut from wood. Continue reading

The Everyday Woman, The Eater Vol. 2

The Eater
And they took strong cities, and a fat land, and possessed houses full of all goods, wells digged, vineyards, and oliveyards, and fruit trees in abundance: so they did eat, and were filled, and became fat, and delighted themselves in thy great goodness Neh. 9:25 KJV

Lets not mistake anything! God did promise that we would enter a land that flowed with milk and honey! A land that flowed with wheat, barley, and olive oil. However, there are a few who when triggered by emotions that have become aggravated, eat. This is the spot where I have to disrobe and stand naked before him. Continue reading

The Visit

The most erotic sound in my head, is the sound of rain while I am lying in bed.
Instantly I am transported to a place that makes me shutter and moan.
I can feel your hands traveling across my body yet, I am home alone
Thoughts of you making me complete,
has my back arching and my toes clenching the sheets.
The room is hot and my palms are sweaty. Continue reading

You Can’t See Me!

You Cant See Me

How dare you talk about my jeans are too tight!
Like I don’t have the right to put them on!
pointing, laughing and screaming, “A fat girl gone wrong!”
When I look in the mirror I see majesty.
The rolls that you point at with laughs and sneers,
I see as clouds surrounding me, as I tip toe through the atmosphere.
You laugh at the craters that cover my face,
having the nerve to enquire if my stomach ate my waist?
Yet I see evidence of being birthed from the moon!
A whole lot of loving and a touch of grace. Continue reading

Can We Be Healed

He sent his word and healed them, and delivered them from their destruction, Psalms 107:20 (New American Standard)

Since I began this journey of writing, my desire has always been to be healed of past hurts and wounds. I thought by some magic, myth or spiritual insight, I might read a word or write words that could bring healing to myself and others. Continue reading

In Re the Black Man

Oh my Lawd, help me please!
I’ve been raped and they stole my seed!
It appears like the whole world is cursed and I have been sentence for the crime.
Trapped in the modern day prison, enslavement of the mind.
Who could’ve predicted this modern day slavery?
Addicted to the drugs or the money they earn, Continue reading